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Mazda Miata Convertible Tops and Convertible Top Parts

The Mazda Miata Convertible:

The Mazda Miata convertible is one of the most popular convertibles on the road. The Miata convertible was first introduced in 1989. Mazda made minor changes to the Miata convertible soft top in 1999. Then introduced a whole new Miata convertible in 2006. We offer Mazda Miata convertible tops for every Miata convertible, and all of our Miata soft tops are guaranteed to fit.

The Mazda Miata Convertible Tops Buyer's Guide

The number of Mazda Miata convertibles is so large that the convertible top industry has modified the original Miata convertible top, giving you a variety of Miata convertible tops to choose from. Here's what you need to know about each:

The Mazda Miata "Easy Install" Convertible Top: Our factory has taken patterns from the original Mazda Miata convertible top and designed what we believe is an improved Mazda Miata top: The Mazda Miata Easy Install Convertible Top is basically a one-piece Miata top without a zippered window. It's less costly than the original two-piece Miata top, and longer lasting.

To create this popular Mazda Miata top, we took the dimensions of the original Mazda Miata convertible top rear window and reduced its area by barely two square inches. Then we raised it along the rear of the top by about an inch. Experimenting with these dimensions on our own Mazda Miata convertible top prior to going into production, we determined that this top was less restrictive in raising and lowering, and since we eliminated the zipper from the top, more durable.

The Mazda Miata Non-Zipper Window (or "Easy Install" Miata Top) has been copied by other factories, but ours is the original and most widely sold Miata convertible top. We offer this Miata convertible top with a plastic rear window or a glass rear window. It is available for Miata convertibles produced from 1989 to 1997, and Miata convertibles produced from 1999 to 2005.

This Mazda Miata top is easier to install than the original Miata convertible top, especially if you have our Miata top installation manual, written and produced to help you install your own Miata top and save hundreds of dollars on labor costs. We do have the fairly popular Mazda Miata top install video. However the manual, authored for us with elaborate how to directions, with the first time installer in mind, is, we feel quite superior to our Miata video !If you wish to order an Easy Install Miata convertible top: Click on a link at the right to your Miata top page.

Classic Two-Piece Miata Convertible Tops: This Miata soft top is the original Mazda Miata convertible top design. It comes in two pieces: a convertible top section and a rear window section. You'll need to integrate the two sections of this original Miata top during installation. This Miata convertible top has a zippered window and it's available for Miata cars produced from 1989 to 1997 and from 1999 to 2005. For our selection of Mazda Miata two-piece convertible tops, click on the appropriate Mazda Miata convertible top link at the right.

Mazda Miata One-Piece Convertible Top: For Mazda Miata convertibles made after 2006, we offer a one-piece to, meaning the window and top are integrated into the top. This Mazda Miata convertible top is the original top for the late model Mazda Miata. These premium tops come with a glass window with a defroster. Interested in this Miata convertible top? Click on its link at the right.

Mazda Miata convertible tops are offered in two fabrics: Cabrio Grain Vinyl and Haartz Stayfast Canvas. Here's what you need to know about each one:

Cabrio Grain Vinyl: Our most popular Miata top is the original Miata Cabrio Vinyl, which comes in all original Mazda Miata convertible top colors. Cabrio Grain Vinyl is a two-ply composite vinyl with a distinct pigskin outer grain (the Miata cabrio grain) and cotton inner lining. This reliable vinyl is original to the Mazda Miata, the Mercury Capri, and the Volkswagen Cabriolet and comes with a 6-year manufacturer warranty.

Haartz Stayfast Canvas: If you're looking to upgrade your vinyl top, consider a Mazda Miata convertible top made of Haartz Stayfast Canvas. This fabric is the American substitute for the German canvases used in Mercedes, Porsche, and BMW. Haartz Stayfast Canvas is a three-ply composite made of an acrylic square weave outer fabric, a butyl rubber core, and a cotton lining. The butyl rubber core makes Haartz Stayfast Canvas last a very long time. The canvas Mazda Miata top is a little richer looking than the Miata vinyl. It's also a little harder to clean. Stayfast Canvas has both better static and dynamic wear ratings than Miata vinyl tops. However: Miata do-it-yourself installers, note that once you have installed a Miata top and see how do-able the top install is, you may opt for the slightly lower wear of the Miata cabrio vinyl. This is because over the lifetime of your Miata convertible you may find that, with your own installation, the longevity advantage of the canvas top is outweighed by the lifetime cost savings in the Miata cabrio vinyl tops.

Can I install a Mazda Miata Convertible Top Myself?

Installing a Miata convertible top, whether the zipper or non-zipper version, should be well within the capabilities of the handy do-it-yourself Mazda Miata owner who wants to install his or her own top. There is no sewing or stapling involved. All attachment is via rivets (or you may substitute pan head sheet metal screws), contact cement and screws. Push type fasteners are removed and reinstalled (or replaced). If you are a Miata convertible owner and reluctant to proceed, then please order our Miata top install manual by itself. We will then prorate subsequent convertible top package specials if ordered after the Miata manual. We again emphasize that the do-it-yourself manual, which we commissioned, is much more elaborate with its explanations than our Miata top install video !

More Mazda Miata Convertible Top Parts: We carry the improved hold down Miata convertible top hold down cables, Miata top boots, and the Miata top rear rain rails. We offer complete convertible top restoration packages.

Mazda Miata Convertible Tops and Convertible Top Parts available for years 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014

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