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Volkswagen Cabrio Convertible Tops and Convertible Top Parts

Volkswagen Cabrio Convertible Tops and Convertible Top Parts

Volkswagen made changes to its convertibles and the convertible tops (from the earlier VW Cabriolet) in 1995. Again the company played with the names of the cars. In 1995, the Cabriolet became the "Cabrio" or a "Golf III." These VW Cabrio convertible tops used the same Cabrio Vinyl convertible top fabric as the earlier VW top.

Although similar to earlier Cabriolet tops, the Volkswagen Cabrio top has a slightly different geometry: On the Cabrio soft top, the deck is wider and the front edge was originally stiffened with a plastic reinforcement.

We offer the VW Cabrio convertible top in a variety of colors and convertible top fabrics.

Choosing Your VW Cabrio Convertible Top Fabric:

We offer the Cabrio convertible top in four Haartz convertible top fabrics. Here's what you need to know about each:

LUXURY HAARTZ STAYFAST CANVAS CABRIO CONVERTIBLE TOP: Made of Stayfast Canvas, this custom VW Cabrio top has our highest wear rating. It is the most elegant looking of the Cabrio convertible top fabrics. The Haartz Stayfast Canvas is our highest quality Volkswagen Cabrio convertible top, and of course, it's guaranteed to fit.

PREMIUM VW CABRIO TOP: Germanex makes an impressive dealer replacement Cabrio soft top, which we refer to as our premium Cabrio top. This premium top features heat-sealed seams, a plastic front stiffener, and all original detailing. No compromising steps are taken to reduce the quality of this premium soft top. The Cabrio vinyl is the original fabric on most VW Cabrios. Interested in the Cabrio premium top? Click on the link at the right.

BASIC VW CABRIO TOP: Our "basic" Cabrio soft top is made with the same Cabrio Vinyl convertible top fabric, which is the original Cabrio convertible top fabric in most tops. The front of this basic Cabrio top is stiffened with doubled-over fabric instead of using a plastic insert. This modest compromise reduces the cost of manufacture and allows us to deliver a slightly modified but equally fitting Cabrio top at a reduced price. Want to buy our Basic VW Cabrio convertible top? Click on the link at the right.

MODIFIED VW CABRIO TOP WITH INTEGRAL WINDOW:Looking to save money? Consider our modified VW Cabrio convertible top, which comes with a plastic rear window sewn in. The VW Cabrio soft top is intended primarily for restorers who don't want to replace broken rear window frames or rotted rear window hardware. These tops are custom-made to original geometry, but with a plastic rear window built-in. They can therefore be installed without the original rear window framework. This Cabrio convertible top configuration also saves a lot in labor. This soft top does install more easily, eliminating the mounting of the top rear window frame and the installation into it of the rear glass and seal. Want to buy the Modified VW Cabrio Top? Click on a link at the right.


Confident using an air-driven staple gun? Comfortable with contact cement? Then we believe you can install your own Cabrio top and save hundreds of dollars on labor costs! To install the Cabrio top, follow Volkswagen's specifications: Retain the glass rear window and hardware from the old top and transfer them into the new installation. Our 16-page 1995-2000 VW Cabrio Convertible Top Installation Manual can help. To order this Volkswagen Cabrio convertible top manual, click on the link at the right.

Volkswagen Cabrio Convertible Tops and Convertible Top Parts available for years 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002

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