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BMW Z3 Convertible Tops and Convertible Top Parts

BMW Z3 Convertible Tops and Convertible Top Parts & BMW M Roadster Convertible Tops and Convertible Top Parts

We offer great deals on BMW Z3 convertible tops. You'll find Z3 tops in a variety of top-quality Z3 convertible top materials. We also offer Z3 convertible top packages, which includes a top and everything you need to install it at a discounted price, saving you hundreds of dollars on labor costs.

The BMW Z3 was produced from 1996 to 2002. The BMW z3 was manufactured as both a convertible and as a coupe. The BWM Z3 convertible was the first mass produced BMW and the first BMW to be assembled in the U.S. (Sales spiked after the BMW z3 was featured in the James Bond movie, GoldenEye!)

The BMW Z3 convertible (roadster)is an eagerly sought after classic and is popular with do-it-yourself restorers. Most of our Z3 convertible top purchasers get the restoration package and install the convertible top themselves.

The BMW Z3 convertible soft top is a one-piece top, meaning the window is already sealed into the top. This is good news, as it means easier installation for you!

The original BMW Z3 convertible top was made of Sonnendeck (Twillfast) convertible top canvas, a sleek-looking, American-made material. Today, we offer the BMW Z3 soft top in the original Sonnendeck Canvas and also in Sonnenland Canvas, a luxurious canvas which is the longest wear rated convertible top fabric. All of our Z3 convertible tops are made using original patterns and feature the original tinted-green plastic rear window.

To save significantly you can purchase our custom BMW Z3 top in Sailcloth Vinyl or Haartz Stayfast Canvas. Both are durable, elegant fabrics. The Sailcloth vinyl convertible top was designed to emulate canvas in its appearance, but as a vinyl the top is less expensive than canvas convertible tops.

Looking to save money? Consider one of our money-saving SuperPacks, which include a stunning BMW Z3 convertible top and everything you need to install it--we also offer a heavy duty electric stapler which can be used instead of an air gun in installing the BWW Z3 convertible top.

Choosing Your BMW Z3 Soft Top Fabric

We offer the Z3 soft top in two fabrics--as well as two custom fabrics. Here's what you need to know about each before you make your purchase:

Sonnendeck Canvas: This American-made convertible top canvas, also known as Twillfast canvas, is the original Z3 convertible top material. This luxurious three-ply material features a butyl rubber core between the canvas outer skin and the inner cloth. These layers make the Sonnendeck canvas Z3 soft top elegant and durable. Many purists want to see the particular German weave known as "dobby weave" on the Z3 top ceiling. Sonnendeck is one of the richest-looking convertible top fabrics available, and it comes with a 5-year warranty. Interested in an original Sonnendeck Z3 soft top? Click here.

German Sonnenland Canvas:Sonnenland canvas is the original German-made canvas used on many Mercedes, Porsche, and BMW convertible tops. German Sonnenland canvas is a three-ply material made of a twill-weave outer layer, a rubber center layer, and the original German dobby weave inner fabric layer. It is hard to tell the difference between Sonnendeck and Sonnenland, but technically Sonnenland Canvas is the longest-lasting convertible top fabric thanks to the exterior's abrasion resistance. Interested in a Sonnenland Canvas Z3 top? Click here.

Haartz Stayfast Canvas: This custom Z3 top has a high wear rating, and generally, it costs less than Sonnendeck and Sonnenland canvas. Stayfast canvas has a canvas outer layer and a preshrunk cotton inner layer. It too has the butyl rubber core. Haartz Stayfast is the American made substitute for the German canvases used in Mercedes, Porsche, BMW, some models of Mustang and Lebaron and others. Canvas is widely regarded as "richer looking" than vinyl. It's also a little harder to clean. The inside of the top is pre-shrunk cotton. Interested in a Haartz Stayfast Canvas convertible top? Click here and scroll down to place a custom Z3 top order.

Chrysler Sailcloth Vinyl: Chrysler Sailcloth Vinyl is featured on many late LeBarons, Sebrings, certain Mustangs and other cars. It is structurally (wear quality) equivalent to other vinyls, but the grain is designed to imitate the look of canvas. The advantage of a Sailcloth vinyl BMW Z3 convertible top is that you'll have more colors to choose from than you would with canvas. It is also signficantly less expensive than the canvas convertible top fabrics. Interested in a Sailcloth Vinyl BMW Z3 convertible top? Click here, then scroll down to place a custom Z3 soft top order.

Can I Install a BMW Z3 convertible top myself?

Yes! We believe that the complexity of installation is approximately, or less, than required to assemble a gas grille. There is no sewing required. The top installs with quite a few alignment and screw steps. Seals are pried and reinstalled.

Our BMW z3 convertible top packages include an illustrated installation manual and other accessories for the replacement of your BMW z3 convertible top.Click here.

BMW Z3 Convertible Tops and Convertible Top Parts available for years 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002

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