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Mercury Capri Convertible Tops and Convertible Top Parts

This is the same convertible top frame
and convertible top as the Australian
Ford Capri.

This Mercury (and Australian Ford) Capri convertible model was produced in order to compete with the popular Miata convertible. The Mercury Capri convertible with the soft top was manufactured between 1990 and 1994. It is the same car as the Australian Ford Capri (the Australian Ford Capri was made beginning a year earlier, in 1989)and the two Capri convertibles take the same top. Capri convertibles enjoy great popularity. (There are Mercury Capri clubs worldwide.)

Capri Convertible Top variations:
There were essentially no changes to the Mercury Capri convertible top (Mercury Capri soft top)during these years. However there were two differing lengths for the soft top Capri hold down cables. Cables hold the sides of the top to the frame. Capri convertible top cables were slightly lengthened in 1992. Restorers can determine the cable length by measuring the side seam if the original soft convertible top is now on the car. Otherwise (if a prior replacement convertible top is on the Capri) you can measure the cable by "feel."

Original Mercury Capri Convertible top fabrics:
The Capri convertible soft tops were made of a "cabriolet top vinyl" just like the Miatas and Volkswagens. The dealer Capri convertible top was almost always either black or white. The same Capri convertible top fabric is available in other colors too and the selection of top fabrics can be viewed at our site.

Mercury Capri Convertible top installation:
We offer the shop manual for installing Capri convertible tops. We also provide replacement top hold down cables which are usually required. (There are two pair of Capri hold down cables inside the top. A rear, vertical pair is used in the side flap of the top as well as the side pair that runs along the sides of the top.)

Restoration Packages and Self Installation:
You can go to the list of Mercury Capri convertibles and select your top by clicking on the link at the above right. The site lists a special Mercury Capri convertible top restoration package containing all the parts usually required for restoration of the Mercury Capri convertible top. The package includes a step by step illustrated manual that the owner-installer can use to install his/her Mercury Capri soft top.

Our Company:We have been selling convertible tops, and manufacturing specialty items for convertible top factories, ever since 1975. We are in our second generation of a family owned business and take service to the convertible top restorer seriously. Please use our support email mail box if you have any questions, or shop confidently on line for your new Mercury or Ford Capri top. You will have a checkout message box when you order your top on line. You can enter any question there and it will be handled by a caring sales person.

Mercury Capri Convertible Tops and Convertible Top Parts available for years 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993 and 1994

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