Alfa Romeo Spider 2000 (4 passenger Touring), 1959-64
Convertible Top and Convertible Top Parts

Alfa Romeo 2 Liter (2000) Convertible Top Key Features:
  • Quality: Made to original specs, 100% fit guarantee.
  • Original Configuration: One piece top with plastic rear window.
  • Features of this Roadster: This is a 4 passenger car with 98 inch wheel base. The top is fastened at the base with 3 Tenax fasteners on each side..
  • Original Factory Material: Haartz Stayfast Canvas in black.
  • Installation: Professional installation is suggested. We offer an installation manual for the handy, meticulous DIY restorer. The process involves use of contact cement and staple gun. There is no sewing. To locate a professional shop type into your browser "automobile upholstery shops near me" and a list of nearby shops will be shown.
  • Warranty: This tops is made by EZ-On with their 3 year factory warranty and 18 month labor allowance.

Convertible Tops and Packages

Convertible Tops and Packages

A.) Alfa Romeo 4 Passenger Spider 2000 (by Touring) Convertible Top
Original Haartz Stayfast Canvas
Made by EZ-On 

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Alfa Romeo Spider 2000 (4 passenger Touring) convertible tops and parts in this category fit model years: 1959, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963 and 1964

Installation Supplies

Installation Supplies

Note:The installation of the Giulia and Giulietta tops involves stapling and use of contact cement. It should be within the realm of the handy, methodical, restorer.
No Charge!
Plastic pry tool, great for prying fasteners and seals, pushing seals into retainers, loosening fabric etc
The Arrow T50ACD electric staple gun drives wire staples with force. It will securely drive 1/4" and 3/8" staples into modern convertible top tack strips, eliminating the need for an air gun for convertible top installation. This stapler comes with the a supply of 1/4" and 3/8" staples.

This stapler also has a brad driving capability, so you can use this stapler again and again for a variety of jobs.

The Arrow T50ACD packs a well-balanced powerful, durable design. Comes complete with 10-foot, heavy-duty cord, a supply of T50 series staples, and a one-year manufacturer's warranty.

The Arrow T50ACD stapler has a spiral driven mechanism for consistent powerful driving power. Additional features include safety trigger lock, comfortable non-slip cushion grip, fastener reload, all-steel working parts, and 14-amp motor.

Trimmer Contact Cement: 4-Oz. Brush Top Can. Strong, Waterproof, Flexible Bond for Vinyl-coated and Vinyl-laminated Fabrics.
Plastic pry tool set, 7-piece kit

Great for prying fasteners and seals, pushing seals into retainers, loosening fabric etc.


Cleaning & Protectant

Cleaning & Protectant

A Combination Pack of RAGGTOPP Brand Canvas Cleaner & Protectant.
  • Plus:
  • Raggtopp Convertible Top Plastic Window Cleaner and Protectant Kit.
  • The Natural Horsehair Convertible Top Cleaning Brush
A Combination Pack of RAGGTOPP Brand Canvas Cleaner & Protectant

About RAGGTOPP products
A Combination Pack of the RAGGTOPP Brand Vinyl Cleaner and Protectant.
  • Plus:
  • Raggtopp Convertible Top Plastic Window Cleaner and Protectant Kit.
  • The Natural Horsehair Convertible Top Cleaning Brush
A Combination Pack of the RAGGTOPP Brand Vinyl Cleaner and Protectant Together

About RAGGTOPP products
Raggtopp Convertible Top Plastic Window Cleaner and Protectant Kit


  • Bottle Window Cleaner
  • Bottle Window Protectant
  • Sponge, Applicator Pad
  • Microfiber Towel

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Natural Horsehair Convertible Top Cleaning Brush

About Natural Horsehair Brush

Important Information

Original Factory Color(s): Black

Original Fabric:
The original fabric topping was canvas and is best duplicated by Haartz Stayfast canvas. However we also offer vinyl tops, also made to original dealer patterns.

Rear Window:
The rear window is of original geometry and plastic (as original.)


Haartz Pinpoint Vinyl’s design is original to most American cars from the fifties to the nineties. Pinpoint refers to the little dots or pips that you see if you look closely at the vinyl surface. European cars, such as the old Beetles and others also used pinpoint vinyl as the topping fabric.

Haartz Stayfast Canvas has a canvas outer layer and a preshrunk cotton inner layer. The two are bonded with and separated by a butyl rubber core. It is this core that makes the fabric last a very long time, with both better static and dynamic wear ratings than vinyl toppings. Haartz Stayfast is the American substitute for the German canvases used in Mercedes, Porsche, BMW, some models of Mustang and Lebaron and others. Canvas is widely regarded as "richer looking" than vinyl. It is a little harder to clean. The inside of the top is pre-shrunk cotton. The inner lining is usually black. If you do not see a canvas top listed for your car, please inquire and we will provide a quotation for it.

Fasteners of the appropriate type for your year will be included. Installation involves transferring the location of the body studs (body half of fastener) to the top and the simple installation of the snap portion. Replacement body studs are available.

About Robbins Auto Top Company: Since 1943, Robbins Auto Top Company has been committed to providing only the highest quality products and service to their customers. Their goal is simple: Customer Satisfaction. Through innovation, continuous improvement of manufacturing processes, and a highly skilled work force, they offer the highest quality products and level of service possible. Distinctive styling, fine custom workmanship and attention to detail are all benchmarks of Robbins Auto Top Company. When you want the best...Go Robbins.

Almost all manufacturers use Haartz fabrics. They may specify "heaviest weight" or "original replacement" in ways that seem reassuring. But they do not really tell the whole story. Please bear in mind that two things dominate, by far, the quality issue: (a) the manufacturing quality control in the factory that makes the top and (b) the care and thoroughness of the installation. There is a trade-off in weight: heavier is better for resisting tear through, but lighter is better for flexibility and abrasion from within that may arise from movement. Almost all our tops are a flexible medium density (36 oz.) fabric. Heavier is not better in most cases. Where it is, because of the top design, we will say so and the top will be made of the heavier vinyl.
Warranties outlined here are only applicable for products installed by a professional trim shop or professional upholstery shop. For Convertible Tops, and related products, the manufacturer will void the warranty for any product that is not professionally installed; manufacturer defects are covered by the warranty in such cases. The manufacturer is not responsible for damage due to improper installation.

Parts in this category (Alfa Romeo Spider 2000 (4 passenger Touring)) fit cars for years: 1959, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963 and 1964.