Plymouth Barracuda, 1970-71
Convertible Top and Convertible Top Parts

Plymouth Barracuda Convertible Top Information:
  • Quality: Made to Plymouth specs, 100% fit guarantee.
  • Original Configuration: Two piece top, top section and window section. Joined upon installation. Molding over rear window and chrome tips supplied. Extra front bow fabric supplied. Original rear window was glass; plastic window version offered..
  • Original Materials and Colors: Haartz Crush Grain Vinyl: black and white. Haartz Pinpoint Vinyl, black and white. Haartz Stayfast Canvas: black.
  • All seams are doubly electronically welded and sewn for added reinforcement. Convertible top fabrics are mildew & mold resistant, and UV treated for color fastness. Plastic windows are DOT rated heavy 40-gauge thick vinyl. Glass windows are  DOT certified auto safety glass.
  • Installation: Professional installation is suggested. A handy and meticulous person may consider DIY installation. This comprises use of a stapling gun and contact cement (as outlined in the manual summary in the link below.) There is no sewing involved. To locate a professional installer please enter "automobile upholstery shops near me" in your browser search bar.
  • Shop with confidence: 3 year manufacturer warranty.
  • Hydraulic Components: Hydraulic cylinders, motor pumps and hose sets all available and in stock.

How Two Part Tops are Installed


Convertible Tops and Packages

Convertible Tops and Packages

A.) Convertible Top with Zippered Plastic Window
Choose Top Fabric & Color:;
Crush Grain Vinyl,  Pinpoint Vinyl or Stayfast Canvas

Rear window is "full view." You will have the option (in your cart) to add a lower fabric 'feature' strip.
Install manual included if requested.

As low as:
B.) Convertible Top with Zippered Glass Window
Choose Top Fabric & Color:;
Crush Grain Vinyl, Pinpoint Vinyl or Stayfast Canvas

As low as:
Plymouth Barracuda convertible tops and parts in this category fit model years: 1970 and 1971

Installation Supplies

Installation Supplies

New Edition!!!
Convertible Top Guys' "How To Remove and Install Classic Two-Part Tops."

This 40-page, extensively illustrated how-to manual walks you through removing and installing any two-part convertible top. The manual applies to almost all American convertibles made before the year 2004, and some foreign cars, too, like Celicas and Saabs. This 8 1/2 x 11 book is designed as both a tutorial for first-time installers and as a step-by-step manual for these convertible tops. Generally, all that is needed and not contained is the "bow height" which is the setting of the rear top frame bow for your convertible. This is available from any top distributor ot can be measured with the old top on the car (as illustrated.)

What skills are required ? (1) The ability to drive staples into bow frame tacking strips (2) The ability to orient fabric sections to the frame and apply with contact cement. (3) A systematic and careful personality ! (There is never any sewing required.)

Note: Very early cars (forties) had wood bows and installers will have to adjust processes for stapling to these bows instead of tacking strips in steel bows as described in manual.


1970-1971 Plymouth Baracuda and Dodge Challenger Convertible Top Rear Well Liner, with 18 snaps.

Pair of Convertible Top Hold Down Cables. Original Configuration.

American made in the USA (beware of inferior made imports)

Plastic pry tool, great for prying fasteners and seals, pushing seals into retainers, loosening fabric etc
The Arrow T50ACD electric staple gun drives wire staples with force. It will securely drive 1/4" and 3/8" staples into modern convertible top tack strips, eliminating the need for an air gun for convertible top installation. This stapler comes with the a supply of 1/4" and 3/8" staples.

This stapler also has a brad driving capability, so you can use this stapler again and again for a variety of jobs.

The Arrow T50ACD packs a well-balanced powerful, durable design. Comes complete with 10-foot, heavy-duty cord, a supply of T50 series staples, and a one-year manufacturer's warranty.

The Arrow T50ACD stapler has a spiral driven mechanism for consistent powerful driving power. Additional features include safety trigger lock, comfortable non-slip cushion grip, fastener reload, all-steel working parts, and 14-amp motor.

Arrow T-50 Stainless Staples, 1/4", 300 Count


Arrow T-50 Stainless-Steel Staples 3/8", 300 Count


Arrow T-50 Stainless-Steel Staples, 3/8", 1000 Count


Arrow T-50 Stainless-Steel Staples, 1/4", 1000 Count
Trimmer Contact Cement: 4-Oz. Brush Top Can. Strong, Waterproof, Flexible Bond for Vinyl-coated and Vinyl-laminated Fabrics.
Trimmer Contact Cement: 8-Oz. Brush Top Can. Strong, Waterproof, Flexible Bond for Vinyl-coated and Vinyl-laminated Fabrics.
Plastic pry tool set, 7-piece kit

Great for prying fasteners and seals, pushing seals into retainers, loosening fabric etc.




1970-71 Dodge Challenger/Plymouth Baracuda Convertible Top Hydraulic Cylinders, Pair
1970-71 Plymouth Barracuda Convertible Top Hydraulic Clyinder, for Either Side. Each.
Convertible Top Hydraulic Motor Pump 12 Volt Made in the U.S.A.
  • 1965-68 Dodge Coronet, Monaco
  • 1962-69 Dodge Dart
  • 1964-68 Dodge 880
  • 1964-70 Dodge Polara
  • 1970-72 Dodge Challenger
  • 1964-68 Chrysler Imperial
  • 1965-71 Chrysler Newport, 300, New Yorker
  • 1987-95 Chrysler Lebaron
  • 1964-71 Plymouth Baracuda, Belvedere, Fury, GTX, Satellite
Hydraulic System Guide: A well illustrated 10 page, 8 1/2 x 11 guide to the operation, diagnosis, and bleeding of the motor pump and to the motor/pump and cylinder removal and reassembly. Diagnosis includes electrical testing procedures.
Set of 4 New Pointed Pump Grommets
Top Cylinder Mounting Bolt, One.
With Pin and Bushings
1 5/8" Long, 3/8" Diameter.
Top Cylinder Mounting Bolt, One
With Pin and Bushings.
1 1/8" Long, 3/8" in Diameter.
Top Cylinder White Nylon Bushing, Each
Motor pump reservoir plug, black rubber

Cleaning & Protectant

Cleaning & Protectant

A Combination Pack of RAGGTOPP Brand Canvas Cleaner & Protectant.
  • Plus:
  • Raggtopp Convertible Top Plastic Window Cleaner and Protectant Kit.
  • The Natural Horsehair Convertible Top Cleaning Brush
A Combination Pack of RAGGTOPP Brand Canvas Cleaner & Protectant

About RAGGTOPP products
A Combination Pack of the RAGGTOPP Brand Vinyl Cleaner and Protectant.
  • Plus:
  • Raggtopp Convertible Top Plastic Window Cleaner and Protectant Kit.
  • The Natural Horsehair Convertible Top Cleaning Brush
A Combination Pack of the RAGGTOPP Brand Vinyl Cleaner and Protectant Together

About RAGGTOPP products
Raggtopp Convertible Top Plastic Window Cleaner and Protectant Kit


  • Bottle Window Cleaner
  • Bottle Window Protectant
  • Sponge, Applicator Pad
  • Microfiber Towel

About RAGGTOPP products
Natural Horsehair Convertible Top Cleaning Brush

About Natural Horsehair Brush



Quarter Window Pillar Post Seals, Pair
Features Corrosion-Resistant Stainless Steel Cores

Dodge Dart 1967-76
Plymouth Barracuda 1967-76

Replaces OEM#'s 2486122 and 2485132


Top Frame Parts

Top Frame Parts

1970-71 Dodge Challenger and Plymouth Barracuda. Convertible Top Rear Tacking Rail (Trimstick)

Top Switch, Relays, Etc.

Top Switch, Relays, Etc.

Top Switch
Activates Raising/Lowering.
Heavy Duty: Rated for 50 amps.
Mount in any under dash hole.

Important Information

Original Factory Color(s): Black and GM White

Original Patterns:
These Dodge and Plymouth convertible tops are made from original dealer patterns. The Dodge and Plymouth convertibles listed above take the same top.

Original dealer tops were in pinpoint vinyl. You can view fabric scans opposite the tops listings.

The window may be glass or plastic. Both are offered.

This is a classic two part top. If you are comfortable with using an air driven staple gun and with aligning and gluing with contact cement then the installation should be within your capabilities. You can make an informed decision about self installation by reading the manual summary via the link at the bottom of this page.

Hold Down Cables:
A pair of cables, one on each side, thread through pocketed hems on the main top sides. The ends of the cables hold the top to the frame. New cables are recommended with each new top.

Tacking strips:
Much of the installation involves tacking or stapling (there is no sewing involved.) Tacking into the bow over the windshield (header bow) and into the bow over the rear window (rear top bow) is done into special strips embedded in these frame bows. We offer new tack strips for the front and rear top bows. They should not be required until after at least two tops have been stapled to them.

Top pads:
Top padding "builds out" the top. Pads can last through two tops but should be replaced if of suspect condition.


We now stock hydraulic cylinders, motor-pumps, and hoses for your convertible tops. All are made to OEM specifications. Each can be ordered separately; however, when ordering hydraulic cylinders we recommend replacing both. The chances are that both hydraulic cylinders were manufactured at the same time: if one is on its way out the other may follow. If the top is raised and one hydraulic cylinder is working harder than the other the result over time can lead to a slightly bent convertible top frame. The replacement of both hydraulic cylinders will ensure that the top raises and lowers symmetrically.

Systems for this car take Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) and have a 1 year warranty when used with this fluid. Brake fluid should not be used as it voids the warranty. We also offer an installation manual when ordered.

The 12 volt motor-pumps include a mounting bracket with rubber grommets to reduce vibration.

Do-it-yourselfers:   Read a summary of convertible top installation.
Almost all manufacturers use Haartz fabrics. They may specify "heaviest weight" or "original replacement" in ways that seem reassuring. But they do not really tell the whole story. Please bear in mind that two things dominate, by far, the quality issue: (a) the manufacturing quality control in the factory that makes the top and (b) the care and thoroughness of the installation. There is a trade-off in weight: heavier is better for resisting tear through, but lighter is better for flexibility and abrasion from within that may arise from movement. Almost all our tops are a flexible medium density (36 oz.) fabric. Heavier is not better in most cases. Where it is, because of the top design, we will say so and the top will be made of the heavier vinyl.
Warranties outlined here are only applicable for products installed by a professional trim shop or professional upholstery shop. For Convertible Tops, and related products, the manufacturer will void the warranty for any product that is not professionally installed; manufacturer defects are covered by the warranty in such cases. The manufacturer is not responsible for damage due to improper installation.

Parts in this category (Plymouth Barracuda) fit cars for years: 1970 and 1971.