For: Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder, 2000-2005

a Package Special: Install Pack with Chrysler Sailcloth Vinyl Convertible Top with Plastic Rear Window
  • Package Includes:
  • Chrysler Sailcloth Vinyl Convertible Top with Plastic Rear Window
  • Pair of New Hold Down Cables
  • Rivet Gun with a Supply of Rivets
  • Trimmer Contact Cement
  • 6' of Double-sided Tape
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Part #: CONV.PKG--1810P-PPTPC
Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder Key Features:
  • Quality: Made to Mitsubishi Specs, 100% fit guarantee.
  • Original Factory Material: Haartz Stayfast Canvas.
  • Original Window: Glass With Defroster Alternate Window: Plastic
  • Original Colors: Black and Tan.
  • Alternate Material(s): Chrysler Sailcloth Vinyl (a rich vinyl; appearance close to Stayfast canvas, considerably less expensive)
  • Package Specials: Get a top and do-it-yourself installation essentials for one discounted price: Our Eclipse Best Buy Convertible Top installation packages include an Eclipse top plus new hold down cables (recommended to change with every top), professional- grade contact cement, the required double-sided tape, and a rivet gun with 1/8" rivets. We also offer the option of including an Arrow T50ACD Electric Stapler with Staples, which eliminates the need for an air gun.
  • Shop with confidence: 6 year manufacturer warranty.