These Mercedes tops install with contact cement and with Philips Head screws. There is no sewing, riveting or staple work. There are numerous flaps and fabric listings that must be unglued from the frame when taking off the old
top, seals have to be peeled and reused and chrome seal retainers removed and then reinstalled into the new top. It is slow but steady work and requires no special skills other than patience and stick-to-it-iveness !

There is a sample page shown from our installation manual. It is posted here to demonstrate the thoroughness of the manual. We have made this manual for the first time installer. It has over 100 illustrations and very
methodically describes all of the steps in the removal of the old top and the installation of the new one. It is much more focused and detailed than any shop manual or dvd and we offer it with our top packages. It is also available
for sale separately.

While some would be installers do back out of "doing it yourself" we have seen so many excellent owner installations that we confidently offer these top packages.