I got it today!!! It WORKS!! IT WORKS! Just drove home 15 miles in the country dark, 6 degrees C, and we were not cold. It makes a big difference to the noise level.

Hey Dan: Just wanted to say "two happy customers". Somehow you need to get your name out more. We will certainly do our best.

Dear Dan,
Just received the wind deflector last night. I LOVE IT! Thank you so much for everything.

An excellent purchase!

One of the best companies I've dealt with. The item was missing one small strap, which was overnight expressed to me with a small compensation. They were great!


I have rated you 5 out of 5 shortly after receiving the product! We have since drove the car on an extended trip and the wind screen makes all the difference....
Thank you!

It works great; the installation video was really good. It took my husband and me less than 5 min. the first time to install the Deflector, and now with the straps already in place it's a snap. The Car salesman that sold us our Mustang waved us down the other day and asked us where we bought it. He said he had some people ask him where to get Wind Deflectors and he couldn't help them. So now he has your web site.

Hello Dan !
We just received the windscreen for my wife's 2005 Mitsubishi Spyder. It fits perfectly ! What a fantastic product you make. We especially appreciated the refund of the shipping fees; that was very generous of you. We collectively know of at least 3 or 4 convertible owners here, and we will be sure to show them the craftsmanship and quality of your product, and especially the great customer service !

Thanks for making such a great windscreen . We will be taking every opportunity to use it in what's left of summer here in Alberta.

GREAT PRODUCT - REVOLUTIONARY EXPERIENCE! It is pleasant experience to be driving down the road, even in the winter - if sun is out, feeling warm, enclosed in a pocket of undisturbed air, free to converse together without buffeting, noisy wind. It is great fun and invigorating.Thanks so much for providing such a great product!! Blanka

I have already tested the product and I am very pleased with it. It took me all of 5 minutes to read the instructions and install the windscreen. When I took the car for a quick ride, I was amazed at the difference the windscreen made...it eliminated the wind so much that I had to consider using the air conditioning! Your windscreen is very well made, nicely finished and easy to use. The storage bag is a nice added bonus. Thanks again for your help and thanks for a very nice product. My car is a 1993 Mercedes SL300 with less than 18000 miles on it. I think this is an excellent car and I am glad to have such an excellent addition for it, the Love The Drive windscreen .


I have received and installed the wind deflector. It was very easy to do, and now I can drive with the top down without my hair flying all over!

Thank you for your prompt service, and for a product that actually works exactly how it should! I will tell my friends to check out your site!

I received my deflector on Monday and installed it Tuesday evening for a day trip on the following day. The difference was immediate and amazing 100 km/h now feels like 50 km/h without the deflector. And if I can believe my fuel consumption gauge, the deflector reduces the consumption by 1 litre/100km (about 10%), but I will not know for certain until the next fill up.

Thanks for creating such a great product.

The Love The Drive wind deflector is a great product. We live in the Pacific Northwest and there are many days in the spring and fall that it is just too cold to have the top down without the wind deflector up. GREAT product!

Hey Dan-
the windscreen makes all the difference- it's great- so much less tiring to take long drives now- truly enhances the enjoyment of the vehicle- it's not a luxury it's a must have-and you can quote me

Just received the wind deflector last night. I LOVE IT! Thank you so much for everything.

Received my windscreen today and installed it in my 2006 mustang in about 5 minutes. Let me say that I have had a windscreen before in my bmw z-3. It was the factory flip up type. Your windscreen works so much better and is a very high quality piece. I took it for a test drive and am now able to talk on my bluetooth headpiece with the top down(at 60 mph) Just got back from a night drive in 58 degree weather. With windows up, me in a short sleeve shirt, I was comfortable. I think I will be able to drive in close to freezing weather with this thing. Great product, everyone with a ragtop should have one of these.

I received my wind screen yesterday. Installed it when I got home and I am really pleased with the performance. I tried driving with the screen installed but folded down to see how much wind in reduces and the difference was amazing. I especially like the "cover" over the rear seat. That should also allow me to place thing in the back seat and not worry about them blowing around.

Don't know how we lived without it! Best thing that we bought for our 2006 Mustang GT! Works unbelievably well and looks great! We leave it up and it cuts headlight glare. Great people to deal with! A++++++ Seller!
J and T

We hit 70 degrees on Wednesday, so I took my BMW out for a drive with the Love the Drive Wind Deflector. It lived up to my expectations and your promises. I look forward to using it a lot this year. Only problem today is that we are having a late season snowstorm, so I guess that I will have to wait a bit.

Thanks and Best Regards,
Jeff V

Dan, I received the windscreen and am very happy with the product. Thank you very much for everything. I would highly recommend this device to all convertible owners regardless of make and model! I can now truly say that I "Love the Drive" in my Mercedes even more than before.
Your satisfied customer,

We took some pics this morning. I've attached them to this email. Hope you like them. The deflector not only cuts down the wind but it looks really great on our Mustang . We leave it up all the time...even with the top up. It cuts down on the glare from headlights behind us. Thank you so much for letting us be one of the first to buy it.
Jo and Tom

Dan, I am loving my wind deflector. It made such a big difference driving my car. And again thank you so much. You have been such a great person to deal with. I would without a doubt refer you to anyone that is looking for your products.
thanks john

We went out of town and the wind screen works great and is perfect. Hope you have a terrific spring and summer. Take care and again thank you so much.
Kathy B

Hi Amy, Just a note to let you know that the deflector arrived last night; it fits perfectly and it works very much as advertised. We used it this morning at an ambient temperature of about 50 degrees, and with the heater on we cruised in to work with the top down. Thanks for your help and for a great product!

The Windscreen has worked out great it cuts down 90% of the wind. I will recommend it to other SL drivers as a need more so than anything

My 78" 450SL thanks you.

We picked up the wind deflectors for our BMW E30 and E36 from you yesterday . Drove home (350 miles and 6 hours) after installing it on the E30. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!! My wife loved it as she didn't have to wear a scarf. It poured rain for about 30 miles - not a drop in the cabin of the car. We could listen to music and talk while seeing all the scenery. An added benefit is that we "Love the drive" so much getting there was not an issue... we took our time and enjoyed it while everyone else on a busy long weekend was locked up tight in their cubical cars seeing nothing but anxiety over getting there as quick as they could. So an added public benefit is one more safer driver on the road.
Thanks for the great product, great service.
Mark and Liane

It's refreshing to buy something without seeing it in person and have it exceed your hopeful expectations when it arrives. The new generation Mustang has terrible wind turbulence above 50 mph, so much so that long trips on the Oregon coast would have been miserable had I not purchased the Love The Drive wind blocker. Today was our maiden voyage with the wind blocker and it truly exceeded my expectations. I think the advertisement stated it would reduce the wind by 75%. It's more like 85-90%. Installation was about 10 minutes by myself. Construction and materials used, top notch. Price did seem high, but as far as my research showed me, these people have no competition. Plus, this thing transformed my Mustang into a very pleasurable cruiser.....thank you very much! PS.......I am a Chiropractor and totally agree with the TCM Drs testament to the detrimental effects of constant wind on the human body.


Just wanted you to know that I received my wind deflector on the 15th, installed it the next morning, and went on a test drive. I LOVE IT! It really knocks the wind off of you with the windows rolled up. I am sending the one I ordered from **** **** back to them. Just wanted you to know that I am totally satisfied and it looks better than I thought it would.

Hi Dan,
Just wanted to thank you for making my husband's day. Gave him the deflector for Christmas and he is more than thrilled. He is estatic. Loves it, loves it, loves it. The Ford dealer saw it and was very interested in where he got it since they don't have anything like it. Do you market these to the dealers??? You should. At least let them know you're around. Hope 2009 is a good one for you.
Thanks again,

Hi Amy,

We've tried out the deflector and believe me, I can't understand I don't see more convertibles with such deflectors. This makes a huge difference in the drive. Much more comfortable and quieter, no wind blowing around in the car, much warmer in cooler temperatures. The biggest advantage is not getting the wind blowing in your ears for hours and feeling relaxed even after 4 hours of continuous driving. As I mentioned previously, it's really simple to install. I've had a number of people asking where I purchased the deflector. I'm more than pleased to give out your website. This piece of equipment is a must to fully enjoy the ride in a convertible. Keep up the good work.

Best regards,

Hi Amy,

I just got back from work... The wind deflector has been delivered to my home, as scheduled. I took the better part of 5 minutes to prepare it, and another 2 minutes to install it, and all I can say is... WOW !!! The construction is solid, yet lightweight, easy and quick to install and the quality of the finished product is beyond my expectations. I'll try it out tomorrow to see the difference, but I'm convinced I'll be more than thrilled with the positive effect on the sensation of the drive. Thanks for your great concern for for customer service. I'll let you know my first impressions after our next drive.

Best regards,

Thank you so much for the super fast shipment!!! So easy to install and such a great fit and finish. Now I just can't wait to take it out for a drive in the am. Thanks again and I'll spread the word some more. I'm guessing I'll have to try to sell that "proto type" one I have on E-bay, because nobody that see's this one of yours will take this unless money is a big deal (mine will have to go cheap). This old one does work, but yours is hands down so much more in every way. Take care,

And yes I do "Love to Drive"

Hi Amy,

Outstanding Service!
Ordered from you in BC on 7 October and received in Melbourne Australia at 8:45am this morning, 11 October. I can't wait to get the Wind Deflector home tonight and fit it to the Sebring.

Thank you so much for the extremely helpful and prompt service.


Hi Amy,

Just a quick update. Got home last night, put the top on the Sebring down and 2 minutes later (no exaggeration) I had the wind deflector fitted and I was off for a test drive. Very very pleased. Thanks again for the excellent service. I still can't believe it was here in 4 days!

Just a quick note to let you know that my wife is totally happy with the wind deflector. I am quite surprised how much a difference it makes on the interior of the car. Thanks again and it's been a pleasure dealing with you and I will surely mention you firm to others.



I got the replacement storage bag a couple of days after you sent it so everything worked out well. Thank you again for an excellent customer support. By the way, the Wind Deflector fit perfectly and does its job extremely good. An amazing difference than without.


I ordered my "Love the Drive" wind deflector on Saturday, May 15th and it arrived by Fed Ex this afternoon, May 18th - excellent service. My son and I (the two least mechanical people in our family) were able to install the deflector in under 5 minutes. We just got back from a drive - part of it on the highway - and the difference is incredible! We could hear each other talk, hear the music from the stereo, and my hair remained intact - I usually can't get a comb through it after driving with the top down!! I am very happy with this product, and with the excellent service you provided in advising me of options for my older Mercedes, and getting it to me so quickly. Will definitely recommend your company to others!