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Oldsmobile Convertible Tops and Convertible Top Parts

We carry convertible tops for Oldsmobiles from 1942 on. These are accurate reproductions taken from original convertible top patterns. All the best convertible tops utilize sections cut from stored (computerized) original top patterns. Oldsmobile convertibles have classic two piece top design. This means the rear window section of the convertible top (also known as "the curtain") is made and installed separately from the main portion of the top.

Installation Packages:

You may select your Oldsmobile convertible from one of the links at the right for more information on your particular convertible top. If you are contemplating your own installation, please read the guide to two part convertible top installation either on this page or at your Oldsmobile convertible top page.


In addition to Oldsmobile replacement soft tops we carry the pads, tack strips, convertible top hold down cables, convertible top boots etc. all of which will be listed for your Oldsmobile at the appropriate link on the right.

Can I Install an Oldsmobile top myself?

We offer a profusely illustrated convertible top manual, now in its fourth edition. This covers, in detail, all the steps for do-it-yourself convertible top installation. In particular, the manual applies to cars, like the Oldsmobile, with a two part convertible top. Owners may purchase the manual to review it before purchasing a convertible top package. We would then pro-rate future purchase of the convertible top when it is ordered.

If you can use an air compressor driven staple gun, and are patient and methodical, you are very likely to be able to install any of these convertible tops. The convertible top packages include everything needed in most cases. (Convertible top frame seals must be ordered separately if required.)

Note that there is no sewing involved in installing a two part convertible top. There is stapling and there is manipulation of the top fabric which in places is applied with contact cement. Our convertible top packages include stainless steel staples and the very best grade of contact cement with brush. Please click the link to your convertible top page for more information.By reading the convertible top install manual summary (below or at your Oldsmobile page) you will be able to make an intelligent decision about your own installation. Over half of our customers for this type of convertible top do their own installation.

Convertible Top Parts:

In addition to the convertible top, we carry many top boots, components for the hydraulic operation of the top (cylinders, motors, fluid, etc.) and we offer a rebuild service for all Oldsmobile convertible top motors.

Also offered are the convertible top hold down cables, top frame tacking strips, well liners and other convertible parts. The Oldsmobile top restoration packages that we list include the parts usually needed in the replacement of your soft top.


We now stock hydraulic cylinders, motor-pumps, and hoses for your convertible tops. All are made to OEM specifications. Each can be ordered separately; however, when ordering hydraulic cylinders we recommend replacing both. The chances are that both hydraulic cylinders were manufactured at the same time: if one is on its way out the other may follow. If the top is raised and one hydraulic cylinder is working harder than the other the result over time can lead to a slightly bent convertible top frame. The replacement of both hydraulic cylinders will ensure that the top raises and lowers symmetrically.

Systems for this car take Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) and have a 5 year warranty when used with this fluid. Brake fluid should not be used as it voids the warranty. We also offer an installation manual when ordered.

The 12 volt motor-pumps include a mounting bracket with rubber grommets to reduce vibration.

Do-it-yourselfers: Read a summary of convertible top installation.
Oldsmobile Convertible Tops and Convertible Top Parts available for years 1942, 1943, 1944, 1945, 1946, 1947, 1948, 1950, 1951, 1952, 1954, 1955, 1956, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994 and 1995

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