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Chrysler Lebaron, 1990-95
Convertible Top and Convertible Top Parts

Chrysler Lebaron Key Features:
  • Quality: Made to Chrysler specs, 100% fit guarantee.
  • Original Configuration: Two piece top, top section and window section
  • Original Factory Material: Chrysler sailcloth vinyl
  • Original Window: Glass or plastic window
  • Original Colors: Black, White, Buckskin, Quartz and Dark Blue
  • Alternate Materials: Haartz stayfast canvas
  • Package Specials:Our Best Buy packages include a Chrysler Lebaron top andeverything you need to install it at a discounted price.Our Chrysler Lebaron Convertible Top Packages include a Lebaron top, hold down cables, convertible top pads, front and rear tack strips, a staples and glue kit, a convertible top pry tool, and a rivet gun with 30 assorted pop rivets--all at a discounted price.
  • Shop with confidence: 5 year manufacturer warranty.
  • Hydraulic Components: Hydraulic cylinders, motor pumps and hose sets all available and in stock.
Can I install this top myself?
Best Buy!

Confident using an air-driven staple gun? Like working with contact cement? Then we believe you can install your own Chrysler Lebaron convertible top -- and save hundreds of dollars on labor costs! Our Best Buy Lebaron convertible top package can help. The package includes:

  • Chrysler Lebaron Convertible Top in Original Chrysler Sailcloth Vinyl, with Window of Your Choice
  • Front and Rear Tack Strips
  • Lebaron Convertible Top Installation Manual (1987-1995)
  • Webbing
  • Glue Kit
  • Rivet Gun with 30 Assorted Pop Rivets
  • Pair Hold Down Cables
  • Convertible Top Pry Tool
  • Choose your window below:

    Price: $359.95
    Price: $399.95
    Defroster Glass
    Price: $469.95

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1990-95 Chrysler Lebaron Convertible Tops
Best Buy!
A.) Sailcloth Vinyl Packages
The Original Chrysler Lebaron Convertible Top Package! This install-it-yourself package includes a Lebaron convertible top in original Chrysler Sailcloth Vinyl -- and everything you need to install it! All you have to do is decide which rear window is for you -- plastic, glass, or glass defroster. Now how easy is that?

The package includes:

  • Chrysler Lebaron Convertible Top in Chrysler Sailcloth Vinyl
  • Pair of Hold Down Cables
  • Lebaron Convertible Top Installation Manual (1987-1995)
  • Pair of Convertible Top Pads
  • Front & Rear Tack Strips
  • Glue Kit
  • Convertible Top Pry Tool
  • Rivet Gun with 30 Assorted Pop Rivets
  • About Chrysler Sailcloth Vinyl
    Choose Your Window
      Color Price Buy!
    Package with Chrysler Sailcloth Vinyl Top with Plastic Rear Window

    Package with Chrysler Sailcloth Vinyl Top with Glass Rear Window

    Package with Chrysler Sailcloth Vinyl Top with Glass Rear Window and Defroster
B.) Replace a Part of Your Original Chrysler Lebaron Top in Chrysler Sailcloth Vinyl!

The great thing about two-part tops is that you can replace one section without having to spring for a whole new top. If your main top is damaged or worn, replace just the main top section. If your rear window has seen better days, replace just the rear section. Or, go ahead and replace the whole thing. If you're relatively handy, you should be able to install this Lebaron top yourself. Here, we offer the original Lebaron soft top in Chrysler Sailcloth Vinyl. Just pick the part -- or parts -- that work for you.

(If you are installing your own top, we recommend our Chrysler Lebaron Convertible Top Packages, which include a brand new top and everything you need to install it. See our top packages above.)

About Chrysler Sailcloth Vinyl
Choose Your Lebaron Top Parts
  Color Price Buy!
Lebaron Main Top Section in Chrysler Sailcloth Vinyl

Lebaron Rear Section: Chrysler Sailcloth Vinyl with Plastic Window
-- -- -- $119.95

Lebaron Rear Section: Chrysler Sailcloth Vinyl with Rear Glass Curtain

Lebaron Rear Section: Chrysler Sailcloth Vinyl with Rear Glass Window with Defroster
Custom Made Convertible Tops Are Now Available! To see your options and get a price quote, click here.
For: 1990-95 Chrysler Lebaron Convertible Top
-- -- --  
Chrysler Lebaron convertible tops and parts in this category fit model years: 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994 and 1995

Description Price Buy!
1982-95 Chrysler Lebaron Convertible Top Relay

Description Price Buy!
"O" Ring Motor Pump Service Kit For Any American Makes

Our O-Ring kit contains the following items:(1) Drive Pin, (1) 1/8" Chrome Ball, (2) 1/4" Chrome Ball, (2) Pump Port O-Ring, (2) Reservoir O-Ring, (1) Reservoir bolt O-Ring, (1) Reservoir plug, (1)Reservoir Plug O-Ring (metal plug only).

1987-95 Lebaron Convertible Top Hydraulic Cylinder for Either Side, Each
1987-95 Lebaron Convertible Top Hydraulic Cylinders for Either Side, Pair.
1990-95 Chrylser Lebaron Convertible Top Hydraulic Hose Set
In Stock! Ships within two business days!
New- Convertible Top Hydraulic Motor Pump with a 1-year warranty.This high-quality motor is and fits these vehicles and years Only* 62-69 Dodge Dart* 63-65 Ford Falcon* 63-66 Plymouth Signet* 63-66 Plymouth Valiant* 63-69 Mercury Comet* 64-66 Chrysler Imperial* 64-67 Plymouth Belvedere* 64-68 Dodge Custom 880* 64-68 Plymouth Satellite* 64-70 Dodge Polara* 64-70 Plymouth Fury* 64-72 Mercury Monterey* 64-93 Ford Mustang* 65-68 Chrysler New Yorker* 65-68 Dodge Monaco* 65-68 Dodge Coronet* 65-71 Chrysler 300* 65-71 Chrysler Newport* 66-71 Ford Fairlane* 67-68 Dodge R/T* 67-68 Plymouth GTX* 67-71 Plymouth barracuda* 68-69 Mercury Montego* 70 Ford Torino* 70-72 Dodge Challenger* 87-95 Chrylser Lebaron
Convertible Top Motor Pump Rebuild/Repair Service.

1 year warranty. Please be aware we cannot send a call tags for international shipments.

   The repair service is usually completed 5 to 7 weeks after we receive your motor pump Details...

Hydraulic System Guide: A well illustrated 10 page, 8 1/2 x 11 guide to the operation, diagnosis, and bleeding of the motor pump and to the motor/pump and cylinder removal and reassembly. Diagnosis includes electrical testing procedures.
In Stock! Ships within two business days!
Set of 4 New Pump Grommets
Top Cylinder Mounting Bolt, One.
With Pin and Bushings
1 5/8" Long, 3/8" Diameter.
Top Cylinder Mounting Bolt, One
With Pin and Bushings.
1 1/8" Long, 3/8" in Diameter.
Top Cylinder White Nylon Bushing, Each
Motor pump reservoir plug, black rubber

Description Price Buy!
1990-1995 Chrysler Lebaron Headliner, Soft Cloth

Soft Cloth Lebaron Color of Choice: Maroon, Dark Gray, Quartz Gray, Buckskin, Taupe, Agate, or Silver Blue

Chrysler Lebaron Headliner, Fits 1995 Lebaron

Available in Maroon (N997), Buckskin (P775E), or Agate (9216 V; Dark Grey)


Installation Supplies
Description Price Buy!
1992-95 Lebaron. Pair of Top Hold Down Cables, Original Configuration.

American made in the USA (beware of inferior made imports)

Chrysler Lebaron Hold Down Cables, Fits 1987-1991 Lebaron Convertibles
Pair of Top Hold Down Cables, Original Configuration.

American made in the USA (beware of inferior made imports)

New Edition!!!
Convertible Top Guys' "How To Remove and Install Classic Two-Part Tops."

This 40-page, extensively illustrated how-to manual walks you through removing and installing a two-part convertible top. Any handy person can remove and install their own convertible top and save hundreds of dollars on labor costs. This manual applies to almost all American convertibles made before the year 2000, and some foreign cars, too, like Celicas and Saabs. Our manuals, available exclusively at Convertible Top Guys, have been helping do-it-yourselfers for years. This spiral bound 8 1/2 x 11 book is designed as both a tutorial for first-time installers and as a step-by-step manual, too. They're the best guides on the market. Buy it on its own here or get it for 1/2 price by purchasing one of our convertible top packages.

Reinforced Pair of Lebaron Webbing Pads.
The Arrow T50ACD electric staple gun drives wire staples with force. It will securely drive 1/4" and 3/8" staples into modern convertible top tack strips, eliminating the need for an air gun for convertible top installation. This stapler comes with the a supply of 1/4" and 3/8" staples.

This stapler also has a brad driving capability, so you can use this stapler again and again for a variety of jobs.

The Arrow T50ACD packs a well-balanced powerful, durable design. Comes complete with 10-foot, heavy-duty cord, a supply of T50 series staples, and a one-year manufacturer's warranty.

The Arrow T50ACD stapler has a spiral driven mechanism for consistent powerful driving power. Additional features include safety trigger lock, comfortable non-slip cushion grip, fastener reload, all-steel working parts, and 14-amp motor.

Arrow T-50 Stainless Staples, 1/4", 300 Count

Arrow T-50 Stainless-Steel Staples 3/8", 300 Count

Arrow T-50 Stainless-Steel Staples, 3/8", 1000 Count

Arrow T-50 Stainless-Steel Staples, 1/4", 1000 Count
Trimmer Contact Cement: 4-Oz. Brush Top Can. Strong, Waterproof, Flexible Bond for Vinyl-coated and Vinyl-laminated Fabrics.
In Stock! Ships within two business days!
Trimmer Contact Cement: 8-Oz. Brush Top Can. Strong, Waterproof, Flexible Bond for Vinyl-coated and Vinyl-laminated Fabrics.
In Stock! Ships within two business days!
Plastic pry tool set, 7-piece kit

Great for prying fasteners and seals, pushing seals into retainers, loosening fabric etc.


Cleaning & Protectant
Description Price Buy!
A Combination Pack of RAGGTOPP Brand Canvas Cleaner & Protectant.
  • Raggtopp Convertible Top Plastic Window Cleaner and Protectant Kit.
  • The Natural Horsehair Convertible Top Cleaning Brush
    In Stock! Ships within two business days!
A Combination Pack of RAGGTOPP Brand Canvas Cleaner & Protectant

About RAGGTOPP products
In Stock! Ships within two business days!
A Combination Pack of the RAGGTOPP Brand Vinyl Cleaner and Protectant.
  • Raggtopp Convertible Top Plastic Window Cleaner and Protectant Kit.
  • The Natural Horsehair Convertible Top Cleaning Brush
    In Stock! Ships within two business days!
A Combination Pack of the RAGGTOPP Brand Vinyl Cleaner and Protectant Together

About RAGGTOPP products
In Stock! Ships within two business days!
Raggtopp Convertible Top Plastic Window Cleaner and Protectant Kit


  • Bottle Window Cleaner
  • Bottle Window Protectant
  • Sponge, Applicator Pad
  • Microfiber Towel

About RAGGTOPP products
Natural Horsehair Convertible Top Cleaning Brush

About Natural Horsehair Brush
In Stock! Ships within two business days!

Description Price Buy!
1987-95 Chrysler Lebaron Convertible Top Latch, Driver Side (new)
1987-95 Chrysler Lebaron Convertible Top Latch, Passenger Side (NEW)
1987-95 Chrysler Lebaron Convertible Top Latch, Passenger Side (refurbished)

Top Switch, Relays, Etc.
Description Price Buy!
Top Switch
Activates Raising/Lowering.
Heavy Duty: Rated for 50 amps.
Mount in any under dash hole.
Use your original wiring, per included diagram.

Seat Covers
Description Color Price Buy!
87-95 Lebaron Convertible Full Set Seat Covers in Choice of Hampton Vinyl.

View Color
87-95 Lebaron Convertible Full Set Seat Covers in Choice of Hampton Vinyl. $50 Savings With Convertible Top Purchase

View Color

Custom Carpet
Description Color Price Buy!
1987-95 Chrysler Lebaron. Cutpile Carpet Floor Mats, 4 Piece

View Color
1987-95 Lebaron Convertible. Interior Cutpile Molded Carpet Set. Replaces All Factory Original Carpeting.

View Color

Important Information
Original Factory Color(s): Black, White, Buckskin, Quartz and Dark Blue

The original Chrysler Lebaron convertible top fabric was pinpoint vinyl for 1987-1989 models. 1990 cars featured both pinpoint vinyl and Chrysler Sailcloth vinyl. The Sailcloth then replaced pinpoint as the dealer convertible top fabric.

There is no physical difference between the construction of the two toppings; their surface textures differ. The Sailcloth was introduced as a new surface texture, to imitate the look of canvas.

Haartz Stayfast Canvas: We are now pleased to offer the 1990-95 Chrysler Lebaron convertible top in the very popular Haartz Stayfast Canvas. This is a great alternative for a better looking, more durable top.

About Haartz Stayfast Canvas has a canvas outer layer and a preshrunk cotton inner layer. The two are bonded with and separated by a butyl rubber core. It is this core that makes the fabric last a very long time, with both better static and dynamic wear ratings than vinyl toppings. Haartz Stayfast is the American substitute for the German canvases used in Mercedes, Porsche, BMW, some models of Mustang and Lebaron and others. Canvas is widely regarded as "richer looking" than vinyl. It is a little harder to clean. The inside of the top is pre-shrunk cotton. The inner lining is usually black. If you do not see a canvas top listed for your car, please inquire and we will provide a quotation for it.

Classic Two Part Tops:
This top consists of two parts as originally designed. This is true of most convertible tops: the main top and the rear window section are integrated during the installation process. You can read about this in the link to our convertible top installation manual via the link at the bottom of this page.

Do-It-Yourself Installation
If you feel comfortable using an air driven staple gun and with using contact cement then you are a candidate for do-it-yourself installation. You may read how this top is organized and installed via our summary link below.

There is no sewing involved in the installation. Contact cement work and stapling (or tacking) are used to attach the top.

Purchasing Main top and Rear Window Separately:
If either section of the top is intact, while the other requires replacing then order the replacement section. The rear window section can be installed to an existing main top, and vice-versa.

Plastic Rear Windows: While not original, these are very popular because of the savings. We use highest gauge plastic available. Owner-installers will be able to replace the rear window section if it scratches after, say, four or five years.

Hold Down Cables:
Cables threaded through the special hems in the top attach the top at the front and rear corners of the frame. We recommend new cables with each top.

Tack Strips:
Tack strips are embedded in the header (front) and the rear top bow (above rear window.) They should last through two tops.

Pad Webbing:
The "pads" build out the top. They should also last through two tops.

Note that Chrysler issued a service bulletin #23-23-89/P-3754 which addressed premature wear through of dealer tops. For this reason we sell only the modified reinforced webbing straps as our padding kit. This helps cure the abrasion problem that was identified with original tops and pads.

Package Specials:
Our packages contain what you need for a full top restoration. We have listed the popular packages and fabrics. The two part manual edited so that it is 1987-95 Lebaron specific is included with our top restoration packages.


We now stock hydraulic cylinders, motor-pumps, and hoses for your convertible tops. All are made to OEM specifications. Each can be ordered separately; however, when ordering hydraulic cylinders we recommend replacing both. The chances are that both hydraulic cylinders were manufactured at the same time: if one is on its way out the other may follow. If the top is raised and one hydraulic cylinder is working harder than the other the result over time can lead to a slightly bent convertible top frame. The replacement of both hydraulic cylinders will ensure that the top raises and lowers symmetrically.

Systems for this car take Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) and have a 5 year warranty when used with this fluid. Brake fluid should not be used as it voids the warranty. We also offer an installation manual when ordered.

The 12 volt motor-pumps include a mounting bracket with rubber grommets to reduce vibration.

We also offer a rebuilding service for motor-pumps. Not all are repairable, but it is less expensive to have one rebuilt than to buy a new one. The motor-pump would need to be sent to us for evaluation. Hoses come with all new fittings and are made specifically to fit your car.

Custom Carpet Kit: We now stock the custom carpet kit for your car. This carpet is made to OEM specifications and is molded to perfectly fit. The carpet is made with cut outs and is high quality cut pile. This will replace your old carpet perfectly. The carpet kit comes with an easy installation manual. Specify carpet color in checkout message box.

Almost all manufacturers use Haartz fabrics. They may specify "heaviest weight" or "original replacement" in ways that seem reassuring. But they do not really tell the whole story. Please bear in mind that two things dominate, by far, the quality issue: (a) the manufacturing quality control in the factory that makes the top and (b) the care and thoroughness of the installation. There is a trade-off in weight: heavier is better for resisting tear through, but lighter is better for flexibility and abrasion from within that may arise from movement. Almost all our tops are a flexible medium density (36 oz.) fabric. Heavier is not better in most cases. Where it is, because of the top design, we will say so and the top will be made of the heavier vinyl.
We will be happy to quote you on a "true double texture vinyl" top. This is a pinpoint with a butyl rubber core, like our stayfast. Generally these tops are about 30 percent higher in price than the regular pinpoint version.
  • Sonnenland® (View) is a German-made 3-ply topping made up of an acrylic twill-weave facing, a rubber inner-layer, and a polyester "dobby backing." The dobby backing is a knit-like weave original to many high-end foreign cars. Customers who value originality over cost often pay top dollar for Sonnenland, just to have that authentic "dobby backing," seen only when you look up at the roof of your convertible top from inside your car. Sonnenland canvas is a top-of-the-line material original to various Audi, BMW, and Jaguar convertibles, among others. Sonnenland Canvas can vary in terms of surface weave and/or weight for acoustic performance, but all Sonnenland Canvas promises elegance and long-lasting durability.
  • Twillfast® (View), also called Sonnendeck Canvas, is an American-made canvas - a cost-effective substitute for Sonnenland. Twillfast is usually a 3-ply topping (though some versions are 5-ply) with Polyester and/or Polyester/cotton backings. This material, original to certain Camaro, BMW, Mustang, and VW Beetle convertibles, among others, varies in terms of surface weave and/or weight for acoustic performance. Twillfast Canvas is identical to Sonnenland Canvas - elegant and durable - only it's less expensive. This is a top-notch convertible top material, one we often recommend to savvy customers who like a good buy and a quality product.
  • Stayfast Canvas (View) is an elegant, durable canvas original to cars like the Mazda Miata and the Nissan 370Z. Stayfast is commonly used in replacement convertible tops. Stayfast canvas has an acrylic square weave facing, a rubber inner-layer, and a cotton backing. As with other canvases, the rubber core gives the fabric long-lasting durability. Stayfast canvas is a sleek, beautiful canvas, usually less expensive than Twillfast, but it does not have the dobby backing offered in Sonnenland and Twillfast (Sonnendeck). Stayfast is a popular upgrade to vinyl convertible tops, and as with any canvas, is richer looking and has a higher wear rating than convertible tops made of vinyl.
  • Haartz Pinpoint Vinyl (View) is the most popular fabric. This vinyl design is original to most American cars from the fifties to the nineties. Pinpoint refers to the little dots or pips that you see if you look closely at the vinyl surface. European cars, such as the old Beetles and others also used pinpoint vinyl as the topping fabric.
  • Chrysler Sailcloth (View) is featured on many late LeBarons, Sebrings, certain Mustangs and other cars. It is structurally (wear quality) equivalent to the Haartz Pinpoint but has a different surface grain. The grain was designed to imitate the look of canvas. As you can see from the scan of this fabric, it is an exceptionally rich looking material. It is sometimes chosen for replacing convertible tops that originally featured pinpoint vinyl.
  • Cabrio Grain (View) is also structurally equivalent to the pinpoint. It has a pigskin outer grain vinyl as original to Volkswagen Cabriolets from 1984 onward and to Mazda Miatas and Mercury Capris.
  • A5S German Canvas (Robbins) The 100% Acrylic Twill Weave Surface Cloth receives a special flame singing treatment to remove the fabric knap; and is laminated to Black 100% Polyester Dobby backing.

    This is the original topping for Porsche Boxster and Cabrio convertible tops. 59 inches (150 cm) wide, made in Germany.
  • British Bison (also called Colonial Grain) (View) is the American made crush grain vinyl that imitates the much more expensive British Everflex vinyl original to many British convertibles. Color selection is limited. These are often referred to as 'crush grain' or 'leather grain' vinyls. They are structurally equivalent (wear rating) to the pinpoint, cabrio, and sailcloth vinyls.
  • British Everflex Vinyl (View) We are now pleased to offer British Everflex Vinyl for classic English tops. This is the original material used on British convertibles including Jaguar, Rolls Royce and many others. Imported from England, British Everflex vinyl is a supple vinyl with a rich appearance and is more durable than other vinyls. A good, less expensive alternative is Colonial grain vinyl. Colonial has the same texture but is less durable.
  • HV Denim (also called Twill Weave Vinyl) (View) is heavy duty sport material composed of a distinctive twill grain PVC outer layer and a polyester/cotton blend inside lining fabric.
  • Trilogy Acoustic Vinyl (View) A heavyweight vinyl that is often used on SUVs like Jeep, because the two-ply composite has the capacity to reduce noise by about 20 percent compared to standard vinyls like Sailcloth. The vinyl material is durable, promises long-lasting wear-and-tear, and resembles the sleek twill cloth commonly found on luxury convertible cars.
  • Haartz Twillfast RPC (View) This American-made canvas has a twill weave pattern and resembles German-made Sonnenland canvas. It is a great all-purpose canvas and, according to Haartz, is used on 99 percent of convertibles. It is stronger and more durable than Stayfast Canvas and offers more sound protection. Haartz rates Twillfast RPC as a mid-level acoustic product, compared to the low-level sound reduction offered on other top materials like Stayfast

Parts in this category (Chrysler Lebaron) fit cars for years: 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994 and 1995.

We a now pleased to offer hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic motor pumps, and hydraulic hose sets for many different convertibles, they will be listed on your cars page if available. Also, checkout our newly added roof rail weatherstripping seals, front header weatherstripping seals, door weatherstripping seals, trunk weatherstripping seals. Look for extra savings on weatherstripping seals kits.

We are continuing to grow our convertible related products: These include convertible top latches, tonneau covers, relays, switches, rear tacking rails (trimsticks), seat covers, car covers, and carpeting.

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